Are you drowning in charged off credit card debt? Bankruptcy not an option? Then we have "solution" for you.

Your Debt Solution Inc assists clients nationwide to reach a resolution for their debt problems. We work directly with the Collection Agency and Creditor to "settle" the charged off debt for pennies on the dollar. 

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) collection agencies & original creditors only have certain period of time to validate a charged off debt from the request of the consumer. If the "debt" cannot be validated, then it could be waived entirely from the collection process. 

To determine if your charged off open collection issue qualifies for our debt settlement service , go  to this website and order your FREE credit report. Then email your credit report directly to Your Debt Solution for a FREE evaluation!

Click on the white box to the right to order your FREE Annual Credit Report. 

Then email your credit report to 

We will get back to you within 24 hours for your free over the phone consultation. 

Improve Your Credit Scores- Quickly

After "Your Debt Solution" settles your charged off debt(s) this will automatically increase you credit scores. When a charged off credit card account is "settled" and  the balance reaches ZERO, this will improve your credit scores 50 to 150 points with each Credit Bureau. 

"Your Debt Solution" debt settlement service will make a one time settlement offer to clients' creditors. Our service will NOT allow for payments over time. The negotiating process takes on average 7 to 21 days.  

"Your Debt Solution" will work directly with your Real Estate Agent and/or Mortgage Professional and help you get approved for  your  home loan. We will review your credit report with your agent to come up with the best "debt settlement" solution to improve your credit scores quickly. 


We do NOT charge any fees upfront. Our fee is charged at end of the debt settlement process. You only pay if we can reach a "settlement" with your creditors. 

How our service works: 

We review your most recent credit report for possible Debt Settlement cases. 

Next step, one of our team members will call you for your FREE over telephone consultation. 

Minimum charged off debt required is $1,000 on Medical  Bills, Credit Cards & Car Loan accounts only. 

Lastly, we enroll you in our Debt Settlement program & get started. 

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